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01 - I have the best damn job in the world I teach in an urban school I used to teach Math and English

I empathized with him I really did. This was like the seventh or eighth kind of test by this point in the year, and the kid had enough. The human in me applauded his bold political statement. The teacher in me was like „OH SHIT FIRE“

02 - 73jTqVX

This was by far the funniest day I have had at work ever. The staff was just about to go into a staff meeting, when over the intercom I hear “ There are unsafe airborne contaminants in the hallway, please remain in your classrooms.“ They had to get guys in Hazmat suits to clean it up. I don’t know how he even had the time, the halls were heavily monitored

03 - DJZ6wTb

Chalk this up to faulty administration. The principal, the dude who was at my interview, told me that it was part of my job to put on after school shows. When I tried, he tried to fire me for trying to take additional school funds by staying after school.

04 - KyJIKBR

More shitty admin! The kid went years without being diagnosed as deaf, and the school just labeled him as a dumb kid. I figured it out in one of my classes, and thank god I knew basic ASL. I fought to get him an aide and guess what? I was almost fired. Turns out aide cost money, and the school had none. The kid is now in an honors high school.

05 - ZsJk5UD

I always hold my breath when asking this question. I have gotten everything from them having to be at work, to being removed from homes for various safety issues. I always let out a sigh of relief when they are just sick.

06 - uNF1B2Y

I cannot tell you how many mom, sisters, aunts, etc. have tried to hit on me to help their student. Not only is it not worth my job, but ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

07 - kJSIrj0

Listen, your kid is a special snowflake I know, but please don’t name your kids like pets. No matter how much you want them to be „Godzgift“, „Dream“, „Unikqua (pronounced unique-a)“ and I shit you fucking not „Le-a (pronounced Leh dash uh)“ are not fucking names.

08 - jILFtfb

Facilities man. Sometimes they aren’t the best. I have dealt with cave-ins, mildew, rats, leaks, floods…. you name it.

09 - U73dd0p

This one breaks my heart because this was me when I was a kid. If it wouldn’t totally cripple me, I absolutely would man, but I already have housemates, I can’t support a kid. But I am there every morning early and every afternoon later with snacks and an ear that listens if my kids need it.

10 - abQ7806

Listen. My kids can be shitheads sometimes, but they are my shitheads. If I can help it, no one will harm a hair on their heads. This one hit me hard because I swore on my life that these kids hated me and that they thought I hated them.

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