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Backpacker bekommen im Vietnam zum Motorrad eine Ente geschenkt

Geschrieben von Andre

Diese Fotostory aus dem Vietnam ist unsere Reisegeschichte des Jahres

Stell dir vor, du machst eine Rundreise im Vietnam und möchtest dies nicht in den überfüllten Zügen machen, sondern gönnst dir ein Motorrad dafür. Die Dinger bekommt man quasi an jeder Straßenecke. Genau so haben es auch die 2 Jungs gemacht, von denen die Geschichte handelt. Jetzt kommt der Knaller: Als Bonus gab es eine Ente dazu…

Hier die Bilder mit den Originalkommentaren:

So as part of the deal when I was buying a motorbike in Vietnam, I was given a free duck. He travelled on the back of my bike for around 1750km in total from Ho Chi Minh City to Hanoi

01 - Wu4dl63

The first ever photo I got with Rab, about 5 minutes after we picked him up from his previous owners

02 - UKzD4fU

We stopped halfway between Hue and Phong Nha for a water-break.

03 - NSVNMas

Rab accompanied us on our journey into the Phong Nha caves

04 - fVArIgX

We’d take Rab to bars and restaurants with us and he always became the centre of attention – He’s a friendly duck. He’d sit on my shoulder for up to an hour without trying to escape, he just loves company. Here he is pictured at Easy Tiger Bar in Phong Nha, on top of the musician’s head

05 - dyamSzG

Of course if we’re eating, Rab must eat too

06 - SiE8QMs

On the way to Thai Hoa, we took another water break and so we thought we’d get a photo with Rab and the scenery

07 - v7fH94h

Pictured here are both of our motorbikes and Rab. He’d often stick his head out the side of his box whilst I’m driving.. It looks kinda like you know when a dog sticks his head out the window in a car? Yeah that, except imagine a duck doing it rather than a dog

08 - fPhZzW9

Doesn’t he just look so majestic?

09 - xHhGL5o

10 - 5E7VO2P

We tried to pass Rab on to other travellers so he could continue his travels, but unfortunately no one wanted him! We set him free in a lake in Hanoi on the 8th of August 2014. I really hope he’s doin good!

11 - 6IFiqlP

12 - cXVU0vU

 This is when we were trying to set him free but he wouldn’t go, he just kept following us. We eventually had to just get on our motorbikes and drive off, it was totally heartbreaking and a moment I’ll remember for the rest of my life

13 - uxjMRHI

And this is the last ever photo I got with Rab! May he live long and thrive in his new home

Was meint ihr? Hättet ihr die Ente genommen?

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