Do’s und Dont’s at a PowerPoint-presentation

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Some love it and some hate it: The presentation through PowerPoint has many advantages but also disadvantages. If you know the features and use them in the right way, PowerPoint is a very good tool for presentations.

A central argument is that the presentation should not be the focus of the whole speech. The attention of your listeners should be focused on you not on the presentation. So before you start the presentation you should get in direct contact with the publican. Even during a presentation it can be usefull to take a break and get the focus back on you. You should always have visible contact with your listeners.

In general for a PowerPoint presentation the sentence less is more is valid. Don’t use big text foils, nervous animations or the use of too much colors or pictures this confuses more than it helps.

In case of an technical problem you should always have an emergency plan. The best alternative is a pack of Overhead – foils or notes for the blackboard. Also you feel more safe if you know that you have a plan b and a plan c.

If you follow some basic rules , you will have a good and successful speech. In the following steps you can make yourself an overview about the Do´s and the Don’ts of a good presentation.


  • 10-20-30-rule: A good presentation shouldn´t have more foils than 10, should not be longer as 20 minutes and should have pt. 30
  • First read, than present: foils should come up only if you reach this point in the presentation
  • A foil should be there for more than a half minute: Your listeners need time to read
  • Never let the whole text pop up it is better to do it step by step
  • Be careful with your styling: never use more than two fonts and only colors out of one family
  • Use easy schedules and diagrams
  • Use picture and symbols for your content
  • Reduce your content to the most important things



  • bright font colors like yellow or orange
  • a black background
  • overloaded foils: not more than seven sentences!
  • nervous elements like flying foils
  • never jump for and backwards all the time be calme and take your time
  • sound without any function




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