Student with dog – does that fit?

Einen Hund als Tier / Pet während dem Studium halten?
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You are a student and would like to have a dog as an eternal friend? Many students would like to have a pet or have already one. For having a pet, you need to care about the following things:

A dog has things need to be done!

A dog is always there. Even in situations when s/he is disturbing. For example, if you are in the finals week and need to learn for your exams. The dog needs movement. Minimum two times a day ca. 1,5 – 2 hours. Also a dog isn’t something for late risers. And you have to think about that you have to train and educate your dog. So activity is the most important thing in a dog´s life. The best would be you catch one who is elder and educated, for example a dog from the animal home. They are always happy about a new home and owner.

Costs – are you able to pay for your dog?

What needs a dog? Of course: love! But this is unfortunately not all what s/he needs. Your pet needs also food, water, some snack toys, a bed, a collar and a rope. This is a lot of money. Don’t forget the medical costs and they can be also very heavy sometimes.

The right connection to your dog

You should focus only on the dog. S/he has to learn to stay at home without crashing the whole apartment. But think about that you have to play with him also at times you don’t want to. The most important thing is that you show the dog which mistakes s/he made if s/he made one.


The cheapest way would be if you have a house with a garden. If you haven’t both of them, you have to guarantee that the dog gets enough fresh air and movement. If you can’t also guarantee this, you should buy a toy dog – it looks also nice and don’t need water or food.

Student and dog may fit but they don’t have to.

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