13 things you need in your all day life as a student

things students need in their life (Gegenstände für den Alltag)
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Studying is like driving a car if you have not the right accessories you will be a danger for you and others. Okay maybe this was a bit exaggerated but we just want to stress that the right accessories are really important to survive.
So here we go with the must haves of your students life:

Must-Have No.1:

A diary for never forgetting your dates and lectures again. Also it may be useful if you want to organize your nightlife.

Must-Have No.2:

A train ticket or metro ticket or a bicycle or just good shoes for walking 😉

Must-Have No.3:

A best friend with you can talk and study.

Must-Have No.4:

Interest in your studies I think you know already why this point is here. If you have a personal interest in your subject the whole thing will be a lot easier.

Must-Have No.5:

An iron will to survive the studies. This will be easier to generate if you have point 4 (an interest in your studies).

Must-Have No.6:

An Amazon or eBay account for shopping and buying stuff (school books for example 😉 )

Must-Have No.7:

Oropax for learning and sleeping especially for times if you have exams but your neighbor has a big party because he wrote his last exam today.

Must-Have No.8:

A sandwich maker for fast and tasty snacks.

Must-Have No.9:

A laptop because with that you are a bit more independent.

Must-Have No.10:

A notepad for writing things down or just doing some sketches.

Must-Have No.11:

A printer because don’t trust the copy shops at your school 😉

Must-Have No.12:

A smartphone for …yeah I think you know for what you need a smartphone for.

Must-Have No.13:

And pencils a lot of them 😉 not because only you need them but because of that one guy/girl we all know.

Of course there may be also other things you will need for your studies but this will always depend on your subject and on yourself.

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