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Student's travel guide: A man and a woman are planning their holdiays with a map and a laptop
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Mallorca during summer, Christmas at the Maledives and to escape cold autumn: off to New Zealand! That might be the dream of every student. But unfortunately we won’t be able to do that because of our pretty low income. But what if I told you that you, as a student, can go on adventurous trips or just relax at a beach whenever you want to? Just follow some of our simple rules. 🙂

The destination

Student's travel guide: A woman is holding a piece of paper with a destination marker cut out of it

When it comes to choosing your destination it’s all about planning properly. So forget about the Maledives, Capri or Monte Carlo – you can’t afford that. But there are other places worth visiting! You just have to find them. If you need sun, beach and cocktails, how about the Dominican Republic or Bulgaria? You would love to spend your holiday hiking or just enjoying nature? Take a closer look at Slovakia! If you take some time searching the internet, you’ll find a lot of beautiful places you might have never heard of before. Just give it a try. It’ll make your holiday special and individual because you’re not just following all the other mainstream tourists.

If you’re one of those super spontanious travellers, you might want to try blind booking. Eurowings has some pretty cool offers. You only choose your point of departure, a category, the travellers and a period of time. You’ll only find out about the destination after you’ve finished booking!

The journey

Student's travel guide: A girl is looking out of an airplane window

You chose your destination – now you have to find a cheap way to get there. To get to the airport, you can use one of a student’s favourite means of transportation: the intercity bus, BlaBlaCar or (for the bravest) the train. The more flexible you are regarding the point of departure, the likelier you’ll get a cheap flight. You should consult the internet again because budget airlines with the cheapest offers are constantly changing. Pro-Tip: Turn on your brower’s incognito-mode when searching for flights and visiting websites more than once. Otherwise you might find the prices for your flight rising whenever you reload the page.

You should also be flexible regarding the date. Watch out for school holidays. During holiday season some flights might be twice as expensive.


Student's travel guide: An apartment from Housing Anywhere

Your accommodation shouldn’t cost you a fortune but it still has to be comfortable, right? Finding the right place isn’t that easy. Forget about most of the hotels because they’re either too expensive or too shabby. But there are some cheap alternatives! If you don’t mind sharing an apartment, you might want to have a look at CouchSurfing or check out nearby campsites. A big tent which might cost you about 100 Euros might offer more space and comfort than a tiny hotel or hostel room.

If you really don’t want to camp or spend your nights on a sofa and you would love to have your own apartment you should definitely check out Housing Anywhere. You’ll find many cheap accommodations at more than 200 citites worldwide. Housing Anywhere is also working together with about 130 universities.

Transportation on site

Student's travel guide: A red scooter is standing at a beach. It has 'All you need is love' written on it.

Since you probably don’t want to rent a car because of the very, very high prices, you need a cheap alternative. Rent a scooter! That’s way more adventurous and also cheaper than renting a car. You can also use public transportation on site. Before doing so you should take the time and find out about ticket prices and options – maybe even book them while you’re still at home. If you don’t want to travel huge distances, you can also rent a (E-)bike. That’s not only cheap but also healthy! 🙂

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