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Hitchdoc – Your medical companion

Hitchdoc: Take the lego medical companion home and win
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Hitchdoc – our medical companion – visits you at home!

We, from / „Dinge, die ein Medizinstudent nicht sagt“ (‚Things a medical student would never say‘) would love to get to know you, our fans, better!

We would love to find out more about your studies or your medical practical experiences. But when you’re getting to know someone, the media like Facebook etc. just isn’t enough, right? That’s why we would like to send our companion straight to you so he can have a look around! And you can help him with that:

How to invite hitchdoc over to you

Since Hitchdoc is not very insisting, he’s waiting for you to invite him over. You can do so by asking him in the comments here or on our Facebook-page. You can also talk to other medical students you know and pass him on to them. Once Hitchdoc has arrived at your place, you are free to take him to your classes, your job or your practical training. Put him into your work inviroment and make sure to capture his special moments with you. You can do that by taking pictures or videos of him and describing briefly what he’s done and learned with you. You can also take him home but be aware of his girlfriend:

Lego Black Widow - Freundin von Doc Brown unserem Lego-Arzt
by Lego/Amazon

It is also because of her that Hitchdoc can’t stay at the same place for too long. If you don’t pass him on within 7 days, the Black Widow will be after him (and maybe you). 😀

The challenge is to fulfill Hitchdoc’s biggest dream: traveling! The longer he can travel the happier he will be because he wants to get to know all of you and gain as much experience as possible! 🙂

Raffle for the participants – conditions

Each of you who gave Hitchdoc a home and sent us a picture or video with a short description, will automatically attend the raffle. The drawing of the winners will only take place, after Hitchdoc has been to at least 15 different locations and has returned back to us. We will post his locations on Facebook and keep you up to date about his travel-experiences!

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The prizes

1. place: Amazon-coupon worth 100€

2. place: Amazon-coupon worth 70€

3. place: Amazon-coupon worth 50€

4. Consolation prize – surprise! 😉

Taking Hitchdoc on a journey: examples

lego arzt liegt auf eispads

lego arzt steht zwischen vitamindosen

Hitchbot as an inspiration for our medical companion

Here is another example of a companion just like Hitchdoc: the technical companion Hitchbot. The challenge is clear: Hitchdoc has to see and experience awesome stuff! Makes sense, right? 🙂

I am excited to have hitched my first ride, everything is hunky-dory! I wonder what adventures lie ahead. Follow along here: #hitchBOTinUSA

Ein von @hitchbot geteilter Beitrag am

The studiblog-team and of course Hitchdoc are very excited and curious where his journey will take him! He’s ready for his adventure with you!
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